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  1. I love it when the cause of a bot crashing 1000+ times (I let it run for over a month w/o checking it) is spelling a method chatLogOff instead of chatLogoff.... I hate my life.

  2. Happy New Year! Make it a great one!
  3. It's always fun when you're having a Windows 10 problem, and the solution is (and I'm not joking) kill explorer.exe, and restart it :o

  4. 175 is hexadecimal AF.

  5. What's the object-oriented way to become wealthy?



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    2. D-Bee


      I still haven't figured out how to post a status update.

    3. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      Ya hafta do it from your profile, now.

    4. Cola Kid

      Cola Kid

      Object Oriented.. hmmm I think they call it theft :)

  6. Anyone else having pretty serious issues with the forums recently? Like, the topics aren't updating for read/unread/replies count in the sub-forums, and things like "Page 470 out of 469" on the posts?

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    2. CashPrizes


      He replied to me using his personal e-mail a few days back. It's his priority and he knows it ;D

    3. fever


      It takes me ages to spam now, pls fix :P

    4. luop90


      @Domino, same thing here. For some reason it hates logging people in on mobile... Works on a computer though x)

  7. I've never been so happy beating a game on easy... http://puu.sh/qIqjT/f5a5fedd84.jpg

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    2. luop90


      Yeah, I had Advanced enabled.

    3. fever


      20 hours! I had no idea FTL games lasted that long...I need to play this again...I'm pretty bad at it though xD

    4. luop90


      FTL games only take about 1 hour (if you make it to the flagship), but it took me 20 total hours to finally beat the boss :D

  8. FTL is too addicting... Send help.

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    2. luop90


      None, currently. I was going to wait to install mods until AFTER I manage to beat the game. I'm 8 hours in and haven't managed that yet :(

    3. Radio_Activity


      Go to every stop man, get that scrap

    4. luop90


      I'm getting better. I got the Flagship down to 1 point of hull before it decided to de_stroy me... RIP

  9. My first attempt at drawing on a canvas... Not quite what I was hoping for :Phttps://puu.sh/qwZ6k/6f8a6a2fe8.png

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    2. D-Bee


      What is this for?

    3. luop90


      I used to have a desktop clock on windows 7, but it's incompatible with windows 10. So... I decided to make my own.

    4. D-Bee
  10. luop90

    End of season one

    Rant. But, getting a free golden weapon if > 65... That's tempting. Mainly because I really like the looks of the golden weapons Anyone want to queue up for next couple days, and get to 65?
  11. Telling cash a mumble server details, and said "default port". He thought that meant type in the word "default" for the port........

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    2. DeatH_D
    3. Domino


      "He got looks, he didn't deserve brains too" - God probably

    4. CashPrizes


      That's actually good, can't even be upset :D

  12. Passing out while programming because you've been up since midnight... God I need more sleep

    1. fever


      Stayed up for 3 days straight doing my 90k word/48k lines of code dissertation....I remember saying I saw my friend jump over the shop counter when we were binding our paperwork

    2. fever


      It never happened...still went to the pub though

  13. luop90


    This video is a pretty great comparison of the two games.
  14. Update in a nutshell: "A player has abandoned the game, it is now safe to leave without penalty"
  15. luop90


    So, basically:
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