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  1. JB.

    People Still Alive?

    Yeah I guess, it's been like 5 years or something.
  2. JB.

    People Still Alive?

    Do I count as old yet?
  3. Anyone wanna do an sfm for me? <3

  4. Oh wow, it's been 4 years last week. Time passes..

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    2. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      5 for me.

      Yep. Time to feel old... in internet time, that's like a century...

    3. koKo_


      Just hit 2 years about a month ago

    4. luop90


      I'm over 3 now... Holy.

  5. It worked after I changed my password, so.. lets see
  6. I just tried to sign into my battle.net account after some time and apparently there is a security check with a code similar to steam. So I went to my emails and entered the code they sent me, but it says this every time: I tried at least 10 times over the span of an hour. Is this a common thing and I need to wait even longer? help quick before I change my mind about spontaneously buying overwatch
  7. Anyone good with wordpress mind helping me out updating wordpress? Never did it before

  8. No password issues either. Seems like you login with your display name now.
  9. This years summer update was released today and with it come many new features, including matchmaking. Official update page. Opinions? If anyone wants to play some games, send me an invite
  10. JB.


    Should we move this thread to the Overwatch subforum, or do you want it to stay here?
  11. Wait for it..

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    2. Dr. Obvious

      Dr. Obvious

      i won't even

    3. fever


      Wait for nothing...its your birthday....drink all the things

    4. JB.


      I was waiting for my bday, posted 10 minutes before midnight :P

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