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Battle_Realm_F.exe has stopped working


Everytime I play Battle Realms game crashes after 10/15 minute. Crash msg says "Battle_Realm_F.exe has stopped working" It happens not only in campaign but in Skirmish also. Im not able to play anything for longer than 15 minutes. 
I tried running in Windows XP mode as administrator. Nothing helps. I checked whole inet and couldnt find a solution. 

My pc specifications:
Windows 7 ultimate 
Nvidia gtx260+
amd 6100
4gb ram 

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Hi marcin do you have a type of system 64 bits this  it may be the problem


problems with BR game with 64bit system :





solution maybe help not tested 


instal XP and play a game or (this is more complicated)-> run virtual machine eg.(Oracle VM VirtualBox) to instal a XP and then play in game

most of all you must be sure that you have original version of a game

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