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mohd haziq bin kamil

when battle realms 2 lair of the lotus released?


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    • By INK :D

      I see this Komi guy quite a lot in almost every BR related place, but can only wonder why isn't he registered on here. He posts a lot of useful information and I've stumbled upon something very interesting: It's the "Complete Battle Realms F.A.Q." which has some detailed information about BR on Steam, BR on GoG, BR 2, Lair Of The Lotus and BR Legends. It has recently been updated!

      For some reason, it's not on here and I've decided to take some of the information from his Steam topic and post it in the forums.  Can you pin this, if possible?

      Battle Realms- Complete F.A.Q. [steam, GOG, BR2, Lair Of The Lotus, BRLegends]
      by KoMiKoZa (Last updated: April 9, 2016)
      Topic Source -> http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/311702665/405692758725727656
      [] Trustworthy sources you can get the information about Steam BR from (aside from the "Announcements" on BR Steam Greenlight):
      Liquid Entertainment Official Twitter -> https://twitter.com/goliquid BR on SteamDB -> https://steamdb.info/sub/53565/apps Battle Realms Jokerz YouTube Channel -> https://youtube.com/brjokerz [] F.A.Q. - Beta and BR on Steam:

      The first part is dedicated to the beta that I've never seen and Komi saying he's the only beta- tester. Doesn't sound trustworthy, but the screenshots of his game library (closed beta- testing) look legit + I really don't see any sense to lie. So we'll skip it, you can find the full version in the source link. Here come the principal questions:
      Why the hell is it taking so long?  Ed Del Castillo:
      Komi: There have already been cases when some programmers left Liquid in the middle of this all. Financial problems included. Many people left Liquid after the BRLegends kickstarter fail. The lack of people here influences on the project.
      What's the current progress? Ed Del Castillo:
      What should be updated in this BR? Komi: Basically "new and improved" as said by Liquid in the project description. I'm pretty sure, at the first release, we'll see the original BR:Wotw with the principal improvements (such as bugfixes, screen resolutions/widescreen/multimonitor and Steam multiplayer). Ed said future BR updates depend on how well it'll sell on Steam. So if BR is successful- something will definitely be added.
      I personally think some of the units need rebalancing so I'll try talking to Liquid about that as I send them the complete-BR-bugs- report.
      Why Liquid doesn't update us on here? The page looks abandonned. Ed Del Castillo:
      Komi: I've also suggested my help in moderating the greenlight page- no response. Well, no outsiders I guess?
      []Battle Realms 2/Lair Of The Lotus/Battle Realms Legends
      I want to play BR2:Lair Of The Lotus! Where can I get it? Ed Del Castillo (October 15, 2014):
      Komi: Source- Battle Realms Legends Kickstarter. Update #11 -> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/840772947/
      What's up with Battle Realms Legends then? Komi: BRLegends had been in works since.. around 2012. And was discontinued in 2014 due to the lack of fans' support (KickStarter fail: 50k$/100k$). This was a huge blow to Liquid.
      So it's only BR on Steam? Komi: Yep, BR on Steam and GOG. Trust me, Liquid is working on it. (My beta doesn't just get updated for nothing, right?)
      Why is there no KickStarter for SteamGOG_BR? Komi: That's what Ed answered about me questioning him why there's no KickStarter for BR on Steam:
      That's basically the end of the topic.
      Some information looks weird to me and I don't quite understand Ed's point. But hey, let's hope BR's gonna blow Steam up one day!
    • By masterlotuslovebr
      IF EVER they would make BR2... IF EVER... i think it would be cool to have a new training system. something like you put a unit in a building and it's up to you on how long you like to train him there. while the unit is training, you can click the building, and it has a FINISH TRAINING BUTTON to end the training. The longer the unit trains the stronger he becomes...
      Then i dont know if this one is ok with you guys too, but i think, it's also ok to have warrior rank... like they would have a counter system, that when you mouseover a certain unit, it displays the number of kills it has and the number of kills has an equivalent rank...
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