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Unban Request (Read Post)

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I would be posting this in the appropriate forum but it no longer exists or I don't have access to it. (I tried clicking the "Bans forum" but it says I "Don't have access.")

I am requesting an unban from the LotusClan servers.

Long story short (I won't post a lot of stuff because apparently some people think it's a tl;dr -- Even though I like to be as precise as possible.)

I got banned from here once a long time ago. It was an unsubstantiated request and I got permabanned without warning or any previous infractions. Then I had that permaban unlifted on a "final notice" because there was no evidence and everything was unsubstantial. Then about 5 months in from my unban I got banned again from the admin "ProLoser" and even though I posted a long detailed request for an unban / appeal, it didn't go through and ProLoser gave me a very long list of reasons why I should be permanently banned.

I argued with this but he just wouldn't have it, saying I was "trouble" in the community.

Regardless, LotusClan is essentially my "home." I started playing "Team Fortress 2" on these servers. I always posted "ban reports" for troublesome users. I've always tried to be a respectful member of this community. I really think whatever happened in the past was serious miscommunication and I'm sorry for that, but essentially in THIS COMMUNITY I've always tried and in my opinion have been a valued member of it. I'm not sure what went wrong but basically I was permanbanned again from this community.

The reason(s) being I was "troublesome" by kicking "random" people from the servers just to "be a dick." I can assure you, on THIS community, I have never intended to be a dick or "Troublesome."

Let me be clear, I have never "hacked" or "Abused" anything. There just seems to be a miscommunication on these servers because of the "attitude" I've had with my "Worst. Sniper. Ever." character I've had on  these servers. Which, has never been a problem until I ventured outside of "Lotus Arena! Chicago" servers.

Let me summarize:

  • I have never hacked on this community.
  • I have always listened to what Administrators on here have said and followed them exactly. (Even when I was banned for no reason or evidence, twice.)
  • This is my very first Team Fortress 2 community, and I have a generally friendly repertoire with the main Administrator of this server. (Mana.)
  • I have followed very carefully and respected every decision administrators have made.

I won't get into the exact details and I wont argue past occurrences... But generally, I love this community and everyone here. I've been gone a very long time and I have not made a peep since. I feel like I've been treated unfairly by a few people here but generally I feel like I'm a very respectful person and have NEVER done anything to warrant a "permaban" on these servers. I've only had "1 warning" and that was an immediate permanban. It was then lifted on a "Zero Tolerence" basis, and then I was banned again out of nowhere.

The reasons make it seem like I'm generally a dickwad banning people all over the place while "donator" and just being an ass in general, but I can assure you that's not the case. Every time I've done anything on the server it's to protect it and to protect it's decency. There was one guy who had the "Lotus Recruit" tag up without submitting the request on the forums, so I kicked that guy a couple of times with votes. (Because I thought he was wearing the tag without cause.) A couple of people on some servers were being TOTAL TROLLS so I votebanned them. .. In the end, one of the admins sided with the trolls and permabanned me.

Regardless of the shit and confusion in the past... It's been FIVE YEARS (5) that I haven't been able to participate in this community. I've done Quickplay and jumped on other servers in the meantime. (And at other times, I've been homeless and lived in my car for several years and haven't even been able to play this damn game.)

I've talked to Mana several times in private messages in the past and he personally has no problem with me, but he respects his admins and the people who help run this community. He (again, for the second time) told me "I allow you to make an unban request on the forums, go for it.)" -- I mainly want to get "Arena" going again on these servers. We had such a nice community going on the "Arena Chicago" servers and I'd like to have that going again.

Also, it's just been a guilt on my conscious this entire time. I've always felt like a valued member of this community in the past and then all of a sudden I'm this "asshole" who keeps getting banned.

I'm not saying I'm an angel, I have a "persona" that I play in the Team Fortress 2 community as this "drunken douchebag" who just yells on mic. But never on LotusClan servers have I ever (intentionally) broken the rules or meant to piss anyone off. A couple of a people (Mainly the admin that was named at the time "ProLoser") had an issue with me. 

I still to this day don't understand why. I've always done what I thought was best of this community.

I'm sure there are hackers and asshats that are worse than me, someone who cares about wanting to play on these servers.

I'm willing to donate again and play here. It would really mean a lot to me.

I have Mana's blessing with this but he claims it's up to the Lotus Admins to follow through.

You haven't heard a peep from me in FIVE YEARS and I've been rather silent. That's a VERY long time to be absent in a game like this.

I'm just asking to be forgiven (even though I still have no idea what's going on with my bans, since I never considered myself to be "trouble" here.) so I can feel at ease.

It would mean a lot to me.

I haven't had the courage to post this at all this past year but I've been drinking so... I guess I have the courage now.

Like I said, Mana has been fine with it. I'm not a hacker. I've never stalked or harassed anyone personally on here. And I've only used the "vote" feature to kick people who I believe have been trouble in this community.

Seriously, what "trouble makers" make apologetic posts like this and are trying to be sincere just to play on a particular server? No one. I'm not an asshole and I really love this place. I've been patient for 5 years, I'd really like this non-sense to be over with.

Thank you for your time! <3

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Nice wall of text.

I don't see much how the original circumstances may have changed, but i'll still look into this.

Closed until then.

(and yes, i'm looking into the access problem thing, too)

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