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Deep in the heart of the thuringian forest the old abbey elevates above the mountain. It got destroyed during the raids and skirmishes between the 4 villages at the surroundings. Who of them have to take responsibility for this infamous action? The winner will write the history.

Play hide and seek with your enemy. Raid neighboring settlements, set traps, hide behind bushes and use the environment to outflank your counterpart. And allways have a look at the woods for enemy ambushes or wolf packs.


2 vs 2 / free for all
balanced positions
detailed environment
numerous tactical options


I hope you enjoy playing this map. Feel free to contact me for constructive criticism, questions and suggestions.

What's New in Version 4.0   See changelog



removed some cliffs


new lighting

other optical changes

Date Verified Working On Latest Battle Realms Version

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AI sometimes get stuck here exploring, and the similar section on the right hand side of the map. Although I have no idea how one would fix this.


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Thanks for your Feedback!

I'm working on an upgraded and slightly changed version of this map, im still not satisfied with some areas. I will look at the positions were your units got stuck. However, sometimes Ai units stuck because bad pathfinding, this will normally not happen to human players.

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