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  1. Anyone play D&D?

    Update: My Internet was shut down, but it's back up for now - although in a diminished capacity and I don't know for how long until I need to get it routed to my place. We haven't found renters for the upstairs unit, but when that happens bye bye free Internets. I've met a funtastic lady that I can only get together with on the weekends, so that is also causing a conflict regarding our D&D time slot. I'm at a loss, and don't see where or when I'm going to get the game back into my schedule. I will of course keep you posted on any changes.
  2. Anyone play D&D?

    Bad news everyone! I am without Internet until I can get a tech in here to establish a separate connection for my place. You can thank my upstairs friends for this, as they've moved away! Just more bullshit to add to the pile I'm dealing with right now. No time frame on that one yet because I need to deal with my taxes and vehicle registration first, so games and all other Internet activity is cancelled until further notice. Sorry mates, welcome to my life.
  3. Anyone play D&D?

    I'll send you some messages via steam and catch you up.
  4. Anyone play D&D?

    Next session: Meeting with Tharigon the dragon. Find out what's wrong with Lia, identify the orbs recovered from the summoning room at Baham, and finally get some answers about what's going on.
  5. Anyone play D&D?

    I'll see everyone Sunday.
  6. Anyone play D&D?

    I'll be in Discord and Roll20 at 8AM PST. We'll figure it out.
  7. Anyone play D&D?

    Maybe you want a Hellhound, but I seriously doubt Greycastle would want one. They're evil, as in summoned from Hell evil, and you're playing a good character.
  8. Anyone play D&D?

    Can we play Sunday the 8th? Or is that a no?
  9. Anyone play D&D?

    Just let me know when you're ready to play.
  10. Anyone play D&D?

    Okay! Well, happy new year and winter holidays and all that. I'm looking at January 7th as our official return to D&D! The earliest I'd really like to play is 8AM PST, which will put you guys at 4PM (London) or 5PM (Germany, Belgium). We can discuss time or day changes if you want, and since I have no life we can talk about playing on Sundays - I never got a response about playing a different game on Sunday. Troll, I do need to talk to you about your character and when you're available to play. I'll repost this is Discord.
  11. Anyone play D&D?

    LOL. Joking around, I know she posted ten days ago.
  12. Anyone play D&D?

    I did, and there's nothing there either. Weird that she's just vanished! She'll live on in our thoughts...
  13. Anyone play D&D?

    We'll probably hear from Widow at some point eh? I would like a response from Koko as well. I said earlier that we may need to wait until after the holidays have passed, and that is seemly more like the best plan of action. Share your thoughts.
  14. Anyone play D&D?

    https://vk.com/doc30076597_321983871 Read the Player's Handbook, especially the descriptions of the character races. http://www.orcpub.com/dungeons-and-dragons/5th-edition/character/generator Use the OrcPub character generator because it's quick and easy, and set your character level to 5. You can multi-class if you wish, but your combined levels cannot be more than 5. If you have any questions, you can message me on the Forums or ask any of the other players to help. You'll have to manually type in your completed character into Roll20.
  15. Anyone play D&D?

    Troll, make an account for Roll20 and follow this link to the game https://app.roll20.net/join/1440161/jp4tMw