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How The Heck Do I Get Vetkin?

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I just got interested again in this game and decided to do another playthrough. This time I want to get as many badass heroes as I can such as Vetkin, Budo, Utara etc.

This is very frustrating because I've played the stage where you're supposed to get Vetkin three times already, and he never bloody appears in the next stage. Its the stage where you're trying to get to the Swan's Pool, and can decide to go through one of three paths to get there (One wolf, One Lotus and one in the middle, the middle one is the one Vetkin is in). The faggot just plain doesn't turn up in the Swan's Pool stage, there is only Kenji, Otomo and Shinja.

I've killed all the Wolf Clan dudes on the map, I destroyed all the buildings, I killed Garrin and destroyed his keep and I've kept Vetkin alive through the whole ordeal, and still he doesn't appear in the next stage. What the fuck do I have to do to keep Vetkin?

The equivalent mission for the Dragon Clan you get to keep your hero.

edit: never mind, he just isnt supposed to appear unlike in the dragon camp.

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I am sure you found out by now but just in case... once you do a mission that allows keep building. then you can summon vetkin. unlike garrin or arah in the swans pool.

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