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Berserker Or Werewolf?

Wolf's Best units  

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  1. 1. Who is better in an overall battle against the other clans?

    • Berserker
    • Werewolf
    • There are other wolf units better than them.

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I love the berserker, especially when its shale armored. Werewolves are faster, but berserkers are better armored.

thats wrong.

the werewolf has more health and is better armored. if the berserker has shale armor he is better armored, but the werewolf is still stronger.

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it depends on the battle that ur in , if ur enemy is Lotus , plz don't use werewolfs lol. In my opinion , berserks with ghale armor got more advantages than the werewolfs in a mass battle :)

i tested this thing too many time , ronins n samurais stand for no chance.

Yea, too many lotus units do explosive and magic damage to make werewolves very effective.

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The Shale armor is the master battle gear for Wolf. It increases the resistances of the bearer to any types of damage mostly magical damage.

Did you know?

1). Samurai's harakiri effect, the damaging explosion for nearby enemy units has both magical and explosive damages.

2). Utara's song of sorrow is actually the same as the samurai's harakiri effect.

3). Berserkers literally is the strongest non hero unit in Battle Realms.

4). Dryads are the weakest combatant unit in Battle Realms.

5). The Lotus horses have more health than the dragon and serpent horses.

Lotus horses do fire damage, not really effective agaisnt most infantry.

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I would go for Berserker, in combat, Berserker have this so-called "Lycanthropy" which they uses in battle (good for 1 vs 1) and the other battle gear is the Shale Armor, it protects them to any types of damage in battle especially magic and explosive attack.

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