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  1. ello Gregor,

    Cross Blun seems gone, he also deactivated his facebook.

    Can you help for my request?


    Zymeth When trained in warlock's tower, Zymeth with orb will come out. make the training time same as training master warlock, required 1 yin, 800 rice, 300 water 

              >>>Zymeth with orb

    Replace Soban with Nightvol, WORTH 3 yin, 1000 rice, 200 water,Skill: summon hordeling, limit: 6,

               >>>low regeneration rate, mana>>> need to fight before it regenerate.

    change the keep into soban's laboratory.




    Replace Teppo with kenji 3, WORTH 3 yin 800 rice, 200 water, when trained to dragon monument , kenji with dragon will come out. require  1 yin, 650 rice, 250 water make the training time same as samurai training time 

    Make Garrin consume half stamina when calling horse
    Make Kazan run speed same/mana run speed drain same as Otomo



    Replace budo with kenji serpent 31 worth 3 yin 800 rice, 200 water, when trained to necromancer's throne with 4 ronin, the final kenji of serpent will come out. Required 1 yin 650 rice, 250 water, make the training same as ronin training time

    Necromancer can summon up to 4 spirit warriors


    Wild eye,>> 4 white wolf limit

    change grayback and longtooth into their first form. when both of them train into shalery , Grayback and longtooth final form will come out. required 1 yin, 800 rice and 400 water for grayback,  1 yin 700 rice and 400 water for longtooth. make the training time longer.


    ALL CLAN units capacity 70/70

    Thank you in advance. :))))

    1. Gregor8356


      if we change keep unit ai will not use this unit

      also all ad to other buildings 

      i thik yin/yan requirments will not be aplaied from other buildings beside keep

      all keep units trained  nest in other buldings will change to one use .

      skills like hordling are extra time to do

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