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  1. I agree on your point Alvz I also believe some people just dont find 1v1 games very much fun. Generally though... Like you say. You have no one to rely on but yourself and no one else to blame but yourself if you lose. Seems to me. Some people got there heads so far up their own backsides they can't bare to lose. Remind me I owe you a 1v1 next time i'm on. .................. If I win - great, if I lose it will make me a little bit wiser Knowledge is power
  2. Hi there

    Yes I am Gargamel from GameRanger

    Basically I didnt play for 1.5 years then when I came back to BR no Cobras around anymore so used another alias.

    But right now I think it's time Cobra made a revival :-D

  3. gargamel whoooo..

    i think u should revive your clan!

  4. old cobrakhan? o.O wow xD longgg time no see xD maybe we should agther up some day and go back to bR along with LOT clan =]

  5. Definitly agree. Nekro mission is the hardest and most boring too if I remember correctly.
  6. It's a tuff one between Arah and Utara I would say. They all have their benefits ofcourse but if I had to choose just one then... it's Utara Although Arah has the best range in the game - combination of damage caused and the range. I have actually picked Utara purely because of her ability to stun a whole army and bring their resistances down. If you want to win a fight pick Arah if you want to win a battle pick Utara Arguable ofcourse but that's my vote Arah is most fun as you can cause a lot of harasment and stress with Arah and make your oponent make mistakes such as bringing your opponent out to fight as if they dont move their units they gradually get killed by the range of Arah. Ultimately though when it comes to the crunch and you and your opponent go sailing into battle. Arah will not cause enough damage in a short amount of time - not on more than one unit but Utara can stun a whole batch of units and bring their resistances down so that you gain an advantage on the whole of the battle.
  7. Hello Alvz - a very welcome back (to where you belong ) Hope life is all well and good in the land of Oz I'll find you in GameRanger one day then I guess although Im still very much a GameSpy player.
  8. Never seen anyone use a Lotus - Reaper and I think there is genuine reason for that. Also never seen anyone use Wolf clan - Diggers. But I guess that is the point of that unit. I dont use them but then again I dont like any of the wotw units that much and try to avoid wotw games. That said there are occasions when the more creative players among us find a great use for units and their BG's that were previously unpopular. It wasn't too long ago when whirling spear became popular. Once one player uses it effectively it catches on more than 'swine flu'. I would actually be very interested to see any creative use of the Lotus - Reaper. There must have been a reason for adding him in or was it just to make up numbers between the clans.
  9. I imagine your lotus units were getting killed as you turned DC on and off. It doesn't take any time to get your units murdered by snipes if they (the snipers) are massed. The other reason would be that your lotus units getting killed were outside the protection area of your DC NOTE (DC = Dark Cannopy) On another point Koril must be the dragon ranged units worst enemy. Not sure of serpent snipers being that effective on Koril at a distance. Ofcourse you dont need much hits from a sniper to get killed.
  10. Budo maybe useful from time to time but for the purposes of this vote I have picked him as worst since the other heroes are more versatile. Budo has a whip and can be a fun unit (if your partner needs some pursuasion to harvest). Kazan was a close call but since I like his abilty to burn quickly and that he takes a lot of hits before he dies (good when needing to burn a well defended tower) swayed me to pick Budo as worst. Budos a waste of space if you ask me. Anyone got any less known uses for Budo ?
  11. Shinja has x2 swords (poison tipped I think ?) - way cooler than Otomos clumsy slow sword. And generally Otomo seems to die easier vs other units. Does Otomos BG actually have any effect ? Maybe it does but is it really noticable ? You can guess who I picked.
  12. Sumos are irritangly slow. Maybe even slower than Kazan. Kazan with stam and when running is not too bad (for a drunk super fat boy ).
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