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  1. Sorry to be bold, but you're on the internet. The internet is just full of people who have no lives and work incredibly hard to make other people unhappy on the internet. To be on the internet and be happy you need to have an exceptionally thick skin and a sense of humour, fact. I suggest laughing with them, or ignoring them. Both of which will annoy them more and ... you will win
  2. It's worth it. Infact it's that worth it, I'm even buying membership for it each month.
  3. Just got another password reset request. I guess my hacker buddy is pissed. @18:47 Hi TsT-Kerberos,You're receiving this email because you requested a password reset for your EA Account. If you did not request this change, you can safely ignore this email.
  4. Hi all. While I was at work today, I got over a dozen emails about some Russian tools who were trying to get access to my steam and my Origin account (among other accounts, these are the key ones). I got home to find that the Russian hacker has brute-forced his way into my account, changed all my data, personal info, security questions and password. I was 100% locked out. Called EA for him to explain the situation; Russia recently passed a law which privatizes Russia on the internet. Essentially becoming the next Korean state of privacy. As such, EA blocked Russian users accessing their systems due to security issues. Which is 100% understandable. As a result, Russian rebel hackers are ... hacking... players accounts to play games. But only Origin accounts created before 2011 when they forced new security measures on their accounts. Same for steam, I guess? I got my origin account back. But I guess my advice is, if your account was made before 2011 and you haven't updated any security info, I strongly advise you do. Or you might have to go through what I just did. The EA support team is very helpful though, so meh. I got it fixed before he caused too much damage. Apparently all he did on my account was play battlefield... lol. Good luck, have fun, shoot russians. ~Kerb.
  5. I added your beautiful bottom <3
  6. I always hated horse travel in the elder scrolls games actually, you're sooooo limited on horseback... Anyone else got this yet? ;-; I'm soooo alone!
  7. Just bought it. I felt the bank scream as I hit "Buy"
  8. I'm with santander. The funny thing is, 1: I never check my bank, or my wage slips. I never have a need to, money has never been an issue and I didn't mind getting the odd underpayment or whatever. 2: The first 2 times the bank locked my account was because there was randomly spikes of like £1000 being spent, because I never or rarely spend money like that they locked it. I only bought a TV... and a new PC... apparently that is illegal in some respect. I have yet to receive a phone call from them to why they locked me out, this happened 10 days ago or so I think, not sure. On the plus... I'm not spending money
  9. I would LOVE to play this. I was going to purchase it now the subscription is gone... However for the 6th time... my bank account and my savings account have been frozen due to suspected fraudulent activity, so I can barely afford to even get to work or eat until my bank gets their heads out of their shit stinking assholes. When the bastards unlock my accounts, I will play with you, if you'll have me <3
  10. No shit XD I was asking for the URL of the one you're watching! Silly
  11. Download URL? I don't trust most sites nowadays...
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