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Getting ripped off by NVIDIA?

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Here is a video talking about NVIDIAs "gameworks" and how they reduce AMD cards performance. Even goes over how they purposely reduce their old graphics cards to make you upgrade. Worth a watch.

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Haven't watched yet, but does this apply to all gtx cards? Because I have an Asus GTX 960 mini for my GPU

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There's no subtitles on that.

Hahaha, struggling with the accent? :lol:


I think that people are just finding reasons to hate on NVIDIA for not being "open" enough in todays software development climate where open-source is the norm. I think they are entitled to keep their technology close to their chest because it allows them and their customers to get the most out of their NVIDIA hardware.

Having an NVIDIA card, it was extremely useful for me when it came to my Honours degree project. Their GPGPU technology framework 'CUDA' just worked, and it worked really well. Why shouldn't it, it was designed by them and is implemented to just use their cards. The GPGPU alternative for AMD and Intel technologies is something called OpenCL, and whilst having "Open" in the name, it's not necessarily more accessible - frankly getting into it was just a mess for me.


GPGPU essentially means to use a graphics card for a general non-graphics purpose - this is required for PhysX because you're using the GPU to handle physics calculations, and evidently the parallel architecture of graphics cards is perfectly suited to this.


Restricting the software you develop to only be used on the hardware you develop is nothing new. You can hate them for this, or you can love them for this. Apple do it, and people love them and hate them too. I'll say it again, the technology is theirs and runs best on their hardware. That's good enough for me.


EDIT: Those videos reek of nerdrage and conspiracy-much? :rolleyes:

Edited by Infin

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Nvidia or ATI, one thing is for sure.... they're both ripping people off, (and whoever develops games).



Let's face it, most people buy the most recent graphics card to play videogames, not much else...


Now look at it, games like Fallout 4 (for example) asking for a GTX 780 3GB and then look at it's shitty graphics... pretty sure i've seen better years ago with a gtx 285 and a copy of crysis huh.



We're all paying hundreds and some even thousands of whatever currency for minimal improvements.



Obviously game developers are at fault with poorly optimized games, "lying about graphics", straight out false requirements, etc....




All in all, i have no idea what i'm talking about, but i'm seriously butthurt because it feels like my GTX980 was not worth 600 euros, not even 300.

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The law of diminishing returns...pretty sure sometimes it's the devs being forced to put something out by a third party such as the publishers or indirectly due to the strict conditions of a deal made with venture capatalists. Makes you wonder who's upped the tech spec because they ran out of time/money/patience to complete the optimisation.

Plenty of lazy devs about though trust me. Having said that there are also plenty of devs (myself included) who probably take a little too long getting something out because they're still fussing over things which can be signed off.

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