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[Tutorial] How to make AI (Bots) training new BG.

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I'm not good English but I wanna tell you guys "How to make AI (Bots) training new BG." :)

***Using Battle Realms Data Editor by SITUVN***

Just step by step

For example : I want Archer to have a third BG and AI can use it.

1.) Go to 'Data_BattleGear' > Choose BG > Choose and create your ability (For example Type : BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_09 > AbilityType : ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_09)

1.1) 'AcquisitionType' This is how you can obtain your ability (also your AI too!), I suggest to use 'BATTLE_GEAR_ACQUIRE_WOLF_DRUIDESS_BLESSING'.

and 'BATTLE_GEAR_ACQUIRE_LOTUS_EAT_PEASANT' is not recommended for Dragon, Serpent, Wolf Clan because AI will try to eat Lotus Peasant only.


2) Go to 'Data_Abilities' > 'ABILITYTYPE_RESERVED_09' > 'UpgradeUnit' change to 'BATTLE_GEAR_ACQUIRE_WOLF_DRUIDESS_BLESSING'

***Don't forget to edit your ability to make it work!***


2.1) Go to '34 - ABILITYTYPE_DRUIDESS_BLESSING' > 'ApplicationOfEffect' change to 'ABILITYTRIGGER_IMMEDIATE'.



3.) Go to 'Data_Units'

3.1) 'UNIT_D_ARCHER' > 'BattleGear3' Change to 'BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_09'


***For Dragon, Serpent, Lotus Clan I suggest to use healer.***


It should be like this... (By player)


Okay, next step will make AI obtain a third BG.

4.) Go to 'Data_UnitAndBattleGear' > Type : 'UNITBG_D_ARCHER_NONE' > 'BattleGearType' change to 'BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_09'


***'Data_UnitAndBattleGear' should connect with 'Data_UnitToUnitAndBattleGear' and 'Data_UnitToWarPartyEffectiveness'

***'Data_UnitToWarPartyEffectiveness' the higher value = AI training unit/BG often.


All Done.... (By AI)


BUT! the following BG ID. can't activate by AI (Only make it work as passive ability).
-(ID.42-51) BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVED_00 to 09
-(ID.113-122) ZZ_BATTLE_GEAR_RESERVE_00 to 09







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