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Are You Ready To Play Battle Realms?

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You will need a mouse and a keyboard!

Ok, here's how we start...

Do you play any other Strategy game? If so, don't confused with Right Click or Left Click!

Many people start playing Br with Just a mouse! Why don't you try to use a keyboard and a mouse at the same time?

BR is not a game that more units win but better micro win!

Here are some useful tips to start with.

Important: To make a unit, select a peasant, click to an appropriate building, and wait for about 15-30 seconds depending on what type of unit you make. (Feel free to take a look at some extra pictures)

Some notes:

1. The rice and water is on the left bottom of the screen.

2. The game status is on the middle bottom of the screen and on the top as well for buildings.

3. The max normal units are 40



Some tips:

1. Use Left Click to select (Units or building).

2. Use Right Click to move or build or to attack.

3. Click any building icon (at the bottom part of the screen) thaat you wish to build. The first icon is the peasant hut which is the building you must build to start the game.

4. You can make your units run by double click it or hold alt and right click.

5. Do you check your maps oftenly?

6. When the music change to fast playing music, it means that someone attacked you or your units attack someone. This only happens when two or more units attacking.

7. You must build the peasant huts close to the rice as possible. Same for water.

8. Do not let your peasants lazy, let them work. You can do this by set rally for each huts to the rice or water. I recommend you to set it for rice.

9. You can turn the building to any direction you want by holding the right click while place a building.

Here are a map of each clan. (You can access this in-game by pressing the key T

For Dragon:





For Serpent:





For Lotus:





For Wolf:






If you can play better, I have some more guide for you but only for Serpent Clan!

Serpent Against Lotus

Serpent Against Wolf

I don't have serpent against dragon. More information will be posted in the future.

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Great tutorial. We need more people like Ben playing BR.

It seems that most people are noop. DIE NOOPS!

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can you tell me at least one single gamer who has never ever been noob? imagine the case they'd all have had to die, who would be still here now?

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They could try not to be noob.

And by noob, I mean 'that annoying bastard that types three letter posts' and not 'that guy that just started playing'. Thats a newbie.


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Alrigt, this is stickied for convenience. If some mofo decides to ask a question, i'll just link him to this topic.

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Bens tutorial is great but should we need it? Battle Realms has a tutorial like this.

Everyone was a noob. Nobody was never a noob because every game you had play you had started it a first time and there you hadn´t know anything about it. So don´t say die noobs because you was a noob too! And I´m a noob too. :rolleyes: Because of my education I don´t ever have the time to play. :angry:

Greetings samuraispirit

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I think this topic is great and should be pinned in the general information page, because there is where new players look all the time.

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