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  1. sis~~~long time no see~~~

    where r u in these years?


    hey, don't you have forgotten me already?


  2. Can you help me ma'am to beat the 2nd to the last mission in kenji's journey??? Please ma'am i need it but i finished dragon i need the requirements to beat the wolf to face grayback please help me..... anyway happy holidays

  3. Happy New Year all !!!! /emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

  4. @@ oh god!

    we r sooooooooooooooo busy~~~

  5. I just didn't have much time for BR T-T :S

  6. why u say sorry?

    where have u been in this year????

  7. yeah that's right sis T-T im soo sorry T-T luv yah :)))) and thx :P

  8. god~times flies!

    merry x-mas and happy new year!!!!!^^and happy b-day to u sis!

    we haven't talked for these months or for 1 year!!xD

  9. Merry X-mas sis :)

  10. Hello Kas!! i've just downloaded granger :) luv yah :)))

  11. hey cutie, get on msn when u can <3

  12. sis, bout the story....i didn't write them for these months!!! because there isn't any idea for the story, and i'm gonna prepare for the test to advance to a senior high school, it will be a busy schoollife in grade 9

  13. :D missed you too ^^
  14. my god!

    I miss u all~~~!>3<

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