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  1. Kenji jurney serpent way full keep hero

    Tihs is unike save where are 6 heroes in keep + no fog war
    This save is related to the penultimate mission



  2. Can you beat this game?

    Difficulty - Hard
    Game Speed - Fastest
    Starting Army: small
    Horses - None
    Starting Resources - High
    Population - High (40)
    Rice Growth Rate - Fastest
    Type - Survival
    Ying/Yang acq: Fastest
    Anyone can beat this game? I couldn't - best I can get from this is a draw.



  3. Very Hard Battle

    A Very Hard Battle: 1 VS 7 AL Highland Crossroads
    Tried to see if I could manage to pull this off, and well did it. Shame I don't have an earlier version of this save file, but I didn't think I could pull this off so I might try it again and see if you can manage to do it as well. This is my personal record in player versus AL, along with my personal record of 1 VS 7 in Famine mode.
    A game like this is definately not possible at every location in the map, as some locations are much harder to defend than others. It also strongly depends on your opponents; what are their stats and what clan they are. It also takes a bit of luck to be able to kill the first 2 or 3 opponents quickly (<20 minutes) or otherwise it's impossible to win the game; it's definately never a game over provided you have the proper setup for your clan, but as soon as the Lotus Clan summons Zymeth and at least 2 of your opponents are Dragon Clan and have an aggressivenes less than (<20) it's nearly impossible to win the game. (Or you got to have a lot of luck/time)
    Starting Army - Small
    Rice Growth Rate - Fast
    Starting Resources - High
    Horses - None
    Ying/Yang Aqc - Fast
    Population - High
    Difficulty: Hard
    Game Speed: Fastest



  4. kenji's journey (serpent road)

    battle against the nightvol using serpent army



  5. Dragon's Kenji's Journey's Save Games

    Mission 1 - The Decisive Choices
    Mission 2 - Shinja's Forces (East Area)
    Mission 3.2 - Defeat Shinja
    Mission 4.1 - The Wolf Clan (West Route)
    Mission 5 - The Swan's Pool
    Mission 6 - Wipe Out The Lotus
    Mission 7 - Battle for Serpentholm
    Mission 8 - Destroy the Wolf Mines (The North Route)
    Mission 9 - The Dragon Spire
    Mission 10 - Road Back to Serpentholm
    Mission 11 - Kill the Traitor
    Mission 12.1 - The Ninjas
    Mission 13 - The Last Province
    Mission 14 - Final Battle
    Mission Bonus - Soban or Gaihla
    by [DR]Arek



  6. United Totenbeschwörer- [Hokage]

    In diesem Save game habe ich viele Nekromanten bzw viele Totenbeschwörer gemacht,die karte ist Tal der Toten.Später werde ich mal 40 Nekromanten machen
    viel spass damit



  7. pay attention to the ballistaman in the watchtower

    that ballistaman is a killer, he is not even reloading his arrows. Take a look



  8. All set

    All set when you look at peasant tasks and peasant huts. At least, following my STANDARDS
    (2 maps and both serpent) --> look at my name



  9. Dragon Side Story Mode Last Mission

    Are you having trouble getting far into the Dragon side of the story mode (Kenji's Journey)? Want to start at the last level to see the ending? Well here is the Save File for the last mission in kenji's journey for the dragon clan.
    Starting units: Kenji, Kazin, 2 Dragon Warriors, 2 Powder Keg Cannoneers, 1 Samurai, 3 Peasants.
    I'm letting you know now that this game is NOT edited, and the max unit limit is 50.



  10. Serpent holm

    do u wanna play serpent holm on story mode but dun wanna beat all them lvls before that lvl ....well here is a save game with serpent holm begining as the serpent



  11. Dragon City and Lotus Capital

    2 Save games where in i totalled enemy(or maybe about to total) and left one building so you can explore the buildings that you can build and units you can produce in the lotus or Dragon clan.
    Note* Please have the Dark_River map before playing the save game.



  12. Serpent's Kenji's Journey's Save Games

    Serpent's Kenji's Journey's Save Games



  13. Edited Savegame (500 max peasants, no fog of war)

    I have found a way to edit the savegames to include whatever I want. Say 5 necromancers or 10 keeps and other stuff. Currently I am on 'vacation' and not at home so this save game will do for now. It works on the most recent version of BR and probably WOTW too.
    Here are the features and notes for it:
    -*500 Peasants max** -*No fog of war
    -*Keep and all Zen Master
    -*All baracks are upgraded fully
    -*AI has barely started building anything
    -*100+ Peasants available right after loading
    **As you can see there is no peasant hut built, if you build a hut and another 100 peasants pop out don't be alarmed just hope you don't crash. Instalation Instructions:
    Extract to your battle realms save game directory.
    C:\Program Files\Liquid Entertainment\Battle Realms\Saved Games is default



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