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Strongest Lv 3 Unit

Strongest LV 3 Unit?  

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  1. 1. Strongest LV 3 Unit?

    • Samurai
    • Ronin
    • Warlock
    • Berserker

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On 1v1 I think berserker VS samurai... wondering, cause it depends on upgardes and yin-yang point number.

if 10v10 then samurai. Even if 9 dies the seppuku kills the rest and leaves the one alone.

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In my own opinion, Berserker pawns Samurai. I've tested it. the harakiri effect when the samurai commits seppuku is magical and explosive. So if the shaled berserker does fight the samurai, the berserker is well protected from the harakiri.

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im for the warlock cuz i`ve tested it. no unit can kill the warlocks (tier 3 units) i`ve attacked them with berserckers samurai`s and ronin but non of them could beat the warlock (and im talkcing about 30-40 units at one time) even the ronin were on horses Oo.yeah the berserkers last longer in the battle but its not only the type of damage the unit is using its also the amoung of damage the unit deals like the samurai`s and blade acolyte, they both do cutting but the samurai do more dmg then the blade acolyte.SO even the berserckers have they shale armor the warlock`s do good dmg.But i think this topic is useles cuz this is a RTS game afterall and a good strategy is when you make a good mix of units.Some units are good against some but bad against other, like the warlock sux against bandits(and bandits are T2 units u know)

not to be a hater but the rrason why zerks lose in a big army match is because they lie idle. Warlocks win big matches because their range meaning theyll keep attacking even if their far. Zerks doesnt have range and so doesnt ronin. In small armies it has to be like this zerks>ronins>warlocks>samurai. With bg however zerks still takes it because of friggin shale armor. Its almost invincible. But i have to give props to samurai though. With proper bg and tactics, its hard to beat

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